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Welcome to the New Runes of Magic Steeldragons Website!

A small guild of friends & Family who have played many game together. Please join us for family type fun!

Many updates coming soon, so keep checking back!

See you online & happy gaming!

A Dragon's Tail

Far above the village square, in hill's that rise  beyond,
Deep inside a darkened lair, there lay a magic wand.
It lain upon a hardened rock for many of a year,
It's owner was the last known man to ever visit here.

For century's it had been told, a Dragon lay in sleep,
And some night soon, in light of moon, towards the town he'd creep.
Bringing mass destruction, and an endless count of death,
A yellow green in eyes so mean, a scorching fiery breath.
Well, as with many legend's, it is made from lies and fact,
There is indeed a Dragon here, but scorching breath he lacked.
He knew he could do many thing's whenever that he chose,
But as for fire, he could at best blow smoke ring's through his nose.

His eyes not mean, just Dragon green, and somehow kind of sad,
Resulting from his loneliness and all the sleep he'd had.
He yawned a mighty yawn, then slowly rolled onto the floor,
He flicked his tail and stretched his limb's, his body still quite sore.

To sleep a thousand year's whilst in the darkness and the damp,
Can leave you feeling groggy, and an awful lot of cramp.
He made his way towards the daylight, rubbing at his head,
An early morning migraine made him wish he'd stayed in bed.

But as he reached the entrance, he saw a silken gown,
Wrapped around some bone's that lay upon the stony ground.
And over there not far away, he saw a funny stick,
It seemed to sparkle inside out, or was it just a trick.

He rubbed his eyes to realize that what he saw was true,
With captive stare he pondered on the next thing he should do.
He slowly moved towards it as the stick began to rise,
It turned and pointed at him, looking straight between the eyes.

Aware of what was happening, he then pulled away his stare,
His nose began to twitch for there was magic in the air.
A bolt of lightening flashed his way, he leapt across the floor,
He turned to face a burning smell, from what he wasn't sure.

He saw a sight, that caused a fright, much worse than he first feared,
His rear end smoking badly, and his tail had disappeared.
His big green eyes grew bigger, as the truth began to tell.
Left with half his body and a funny kind of smell.

He screamed a scream unheard before, part pain but mostly fright.
His howling heaves had ripped the leaves of every tree in sight.
The cave began to shudder, and the rock's began to fall,
The dragon whimpered back to face the horror of it all.

The daylight lost as half the roof had fallen to the floor.
The wand was crushed and buried, and the entrance was no more.
Across the town the cry was heard, but no-one was quite sure.
It didn't sound a Dragon sound, for Dragon's only roar.

I guess it's fact, it sort of lacked a punch and was more wail.
But no-one's ever heard before a Dragon loose his tail.
For years to be, a mystery was wrapped around this day,
Many stories passed around, while other's couldn't say.

From made up tales, to fantasies, no-one will ever know,
Just what they heard, or what occurred that day so long ago.
The legend of the Dragon is still talked about the same,
A monster from the deepest hell, a devil with no name.

Not far away, in bed he lay, returning to his sleep.
His pride and fears, a thousand year's this time he has to keep.
But when he wakes, he hopes to find his body not in pain,
No magic waiting for him, and his tail grown back again.

He snores a Dragon's snore, as smoke ring's float into the air.
And drift's away, his body safely lay inside his lair.
In time He'll get another chance, his tail may also grow.
It's something that he'll dream about, and something we won't know.

copyright (c) Alexander November 1998







Steeldragons Has a New Address!

System, Sep 2, 09 8:58 AM.
Steeldragons has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

New guild awards!

Max Silver, Sep 2, 09 8:13 AM.
The following are some ideas!

  • Loch Ness Award: for the player who is seen online the least.
  • The Spammie: for the person who spams the most silly emails.
  • Jeff Gordon Award: for the person always racing to get online in time.  
  • Grande Espresso Award: for the largest consumer of coffee.
  • Garth Brooks Award: Most entertaining Member
  • Rookie of the Year: for the newbie who had the most interesting first year.
  • The Julie Your Cabin Stewardess Award: for the person who plans all the social events & shows up!
  • Jeeves Award: For the assistant who goes above and beyond – taking care of fellow guildies needs.... donating a kidney, etc.
  • The Golden “Sport”: For the person who calls everyone by a nickname (“sport”, “chief”, “buddy”) .
  • T.O. Award: The Terrell Owens award for the person always making excuses for arriving late & unprepared, etc.
  • Golden Mimeograph: For the person who has the biggest problem with technology.
  • Phrase of the Year: To a phrase that’s frequently used in guild chat (the person who says the phrase the most comes up to collect the award).
  • Biggest Moment of Last Year: For something that happened that everybody remembers (whoever is most closely associated with that moment gets to accept the prize).  

Working on webpage edits for Runes of Magic info, stay tuned!

Max Silver, Sep 2, 09 8:10 AM.
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